Republican Abroad? : What for?

July 21, 2008 at 8:30 am 10 comments

by James Levy, Republicans Abroad Spain

In the coming months leading up to the U.S. elections in November, I will use this blog to share some of my thoughts and experiences as a Republican who has lived for over fifteen years in Spain. Though I currently am the Chairman of Republicans Abroad in Spain, the opinions expressed here are strictly my own and are not meant to reflect those of any other organization.

While the main priority of Republicans Abroad is to provide assistance to American citizens resident in Spain to help them to vote in November, this task has become much easier in the current internet age. There are many web sites available now, for example,, which enable an American living anywhere in the world to register to vote in an easy way.

Since this primary mission is not as demanding as it once was, in reality most of the work I do involves interacting with the Spanish media, always hungry for content on the American political process. I consider this a patriotic duty, as it helps the Spanish to understand the workings of the world´s greatest democracy, while at the same time showing the Spanish people that not all Americans apologize for being Americans, insisting, ¨I didn´t vote for Bush!¨ As I often state, what the world desperately needs is not that the U.S. becomes mores like Europe, but rather that Europe becomes more like the U.S.

While the mainstream media in Spain is incredibly biased in favor of the Democrats, considering George Bush to be little less than the Anti-Christ, I often get the opportunity to appear in the much smaller, but much more pro-American, pro-freedom outlets such as InterEconomia TV, Libertad Digital TV, or La COPE radio.

Over time, I´ve had the pleasure of getting to know personally many of the leading players in the Spanish resistence movement to the profoundly anti-American Spanish government which was first elected only days after the horrible Madrid train bombing in 2004. In coming entries, I´ll share some of my experiences with the media on the left as well as the right in Spain, and the curious things that happen to A Republican Abroad as the United States moves towards an election which will determine whether the American people make a leap into the dark with an untested candidate from the far left of the Democratic Party, or choose a tried and tested leader who will continue to defend freedom, despite the heavy cost both in blood and treasure.


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  • 1. Dolores Moreno  |  July 21, 2008 at 5:32 pm

    Va a ser muy interesante leer las opiniones de los republicanos, puesto que la mayor parte de los medios de comunicación en España sólo se ocupan de los demócratas. Los pocos americanos que salen en los medios españoles se pasan el rato pidiendo disculpas por la perfidia de su gobierno y la poca sofisticación de sus compatriotas. En suma, una bocanada de aire fresco entre tanto maricomplejines.

    Que no decaiga.

  • 2. Molly Long  |  July 22, 2008 at 9:53 am

    Enhorabuena James y el Blog; Spain for McCain!!!! Hay que trabajar para reconocer las programas y ideas de McCain en España y que los Americanos en España salen a votar en noviembre.!!!
    Yo recomiendo otro sitio muy bueno en internet
    para registrar a votar.

  • 3. Ricardo  |  July 22, 2008 at 12:18 pm

    Mr. Levy, thanks for your contribution. There are many Spaniards like me that love the USA and politics at the same time, and we want to know what happens over there. We need blogs like this, because we can´t believe what Spanish media say.

    I´m supporting McCain.

  • 4. cgl  |  July 30, 2008 at 12:54 pm

    I like to point out to Mr Levi, that spain has no antiamerican sentiment, but a profound disgust for the american goverment policies in the last 8 years.
    Lets take a look to the numbers:
    “Republicans Bankrupted America Morally, Fiscally, and Socially:
    Iraq War was and is unjust, and based on lies.
    785,000+ innocent Iraqi men, women, and children killed. A
    4,000+ Americans killed. A
    1,414,000 innocent Iraqi men, women, and children injured. A
    50,000+ Americans injured. A
    4+ Millions innocent Iraqi men, women, and children displaced. B
    $9 Trillion in total current debt,
    $800 Billion estimated debt for 2008.
    $5 Trillion in estimated war costs. D
    $15 Trillion in total current and estimated debt, and war costs.
    $100,000 total debt & costs, per person, when amortized over 30 years at 5%.
    300,000 jobs lost since November 2007. F
    3 Million Americans are homeless. G
    37 Million Americans are impoverished. H
    47 Million Americans are uninsured. G”

    So let’s vote for the tested methods of the well known republican from Arizona and stay in Iraq for “100 years”. And if you wonder the reason why is it difficult to find support for the republican party in Spain…well there is a very good reason: Spaniards are for the most part more liberal than Americans, more open minded and have much more progressive ideas. We have voted for progressivism more times than for conservativism; we have one of the most progressive social policies in the world and very little protests in the streets. So you tell me.

  • 5. William Vance Masterson  |  August 17, 2008 at 7:29 pm

    Cgl: I have been living and working in Spain since 1969 and find your comment,”Spaniards are for the most part more liberal than Americans, more open minded and have more progressive ideas” to be rather astonishing. Quite frankly, I would never dare make a comparitive statement vis a vis other Countries that is based upon such a hilarous amount of subjective thought and, to put it mildly, which demonstrates such an incredible lack of analysis. With all of my respects, please allow me to give a few reasons for my thoughts on this matter:
    1. Andalucia, which I know very well, votes heavily socialist, but not in the major cities where the informed vote is located. The socialist vote is a “paid” vote and based upon what is called “la paga”, which is nothing more than fraud, corruption and manipulation of farm workers etc. How many cases of “peonadas falsas” are you aware of? If not, than you live in the rhelm of phoney social engeneering. Andalucia, the bread basket of socialist votes, is controlled by the socialist/Chavez machine, which in years in power will soon compete with Franco. Is this the liberality you profess?
    2. The socialist govt has openned a “melon” of tremendous consequences for the Spanish Nation. Said “melon” is the neo-fascist tendency of nationalism, which is stripping the Nation of social and economic equality and, more importantly, creating divisions similar to the pre Civil War. I always have believed that liberalism was anti-nationalistic in all of its forms, but not in Spain. Is this the liberalism you profess?
    3. The linguistic policy of the socialist govt is dividing the country, reducing the options of free movement of the citizens without incredible social and labor consecuences and having a devastating effect upon education and other areas so important to the prosperity of a Nation. Is this the liberalism youprofess?
    4. In the Basque Region of Spain the Stalinist ETA SETS THE PACE. There is no such thing as LIBERTY and FREEDOM and, much less free speech. Many people live in their homes with panic as to the plight of family members etc on a daily basis. Is this the liberalism you profess?
    5. Corruption; especially urbanistic, is the law of the day. Is this the liberalism you profess?
    6. The economy is, as measured by most key economic indicators, near the bottom of europe. Is this the liberalism you profess?
    7. The Madrid bombings are a very curious matter and the “official” story of such a devastating event is equal to the best of cheap espianage stories……informers of the police, sleazy operatives of drugs and petty crime, phoney evidence and even “suicide bombers.” The Supreme Court has just declared in a revision of the sentence that it was not Al Qaeda. Nobody has the answers and the Govt curtails investigation.Tthe people have the right to know. Is this the liberalism you profess?
    8. Innocent people are falsely arrested for supposedly attacking a Minister, radio journalists are affronted with very unusual verdicts that are contrary to everything a free man can accept as freedom of speech(at least in the vast part of the Western World), members of the police are promoted for their obedience to the Govt dictates on 11M etc. Is this the liberalism you profess?
    9. The President can doubt the very essence of the Nation and it´s unity and act without taking into account the general welfare of all spaniards Is.this the liberalism you profess?
    One could go on and on and on, but really, I don´t want to waste anymore of my time on something that is so evident as the so-called liberalism that exists in Spain. I do believe Mr GCL that it would be quite positive for you, to dedicate a bit more time to your own Nation before it is too late. I love debate, but your statistics, imagination, suppositions, flagrant adultury of the truth are just a bit too extreme for my taste.
    You are the perfect example of a liberal according to a dear friend of mine. Otherwords….”.The typical liberal response to a point of blinding clarity is a look of shocked perplexity. (I would love to see your face at this moment) They are fiendishly bright in a certain way, but also moronic because they cannot see obvious truths. Liberals can study issues one by one and never see a theme emerging. But they are very sneaky.” Some innocent Americans just might fall into your web of claptrap, but baby, not this one. Hell man, a lot of your fellow citizens( of Spain) would gaze at you from a perplexed state of shock.
    Sweet dreams wherever you are,
    Respectfully, William V.Masterson

  • 6. cgl  |  August 18, 2008 at 1:55 am

    I know you hate my statistics. But the numbers speak for themselves. Spain leans leftist.
    Centro de investigaciones Sociologicas

    Please back your opinions with facts, numbers, scholarly studies, etc.

  • 7. William Vance Masterson  |  August 18, 2008 at 9:09 am

    GCL: So that others can understand what gcl is referring to, Centro de Investigaciones Estadisticas (Center of Statistical Investigation), this is a spanish govt controlled research group that every Govt ofSpain has “used” as so desired. Now, if the average spaniard we´re to be sooooooooo liberal, one would hope to see a reflexion of said in the Govt(naturally, one would have to be an 18th Century liberal and not the current variety of species)……to the contrary. What we see reflected is nothing more and nothing less than a certain degree of vey rancid leftism. In fact, the type which is almost obsolete in other Western Nations or MoveOn, whose supposed leader, Eli Pariser claims that “we own the Democratic Party”. Please excuse, the exaggeration of Mr Pariser……the Capitalist George Soros, manipulator of people, governments and supposed causes “owns” the Democratic Party.
    As to my statements that reflect “your and Spain´s” supposed liberalism, they are what they are. Take it or leave it matey. However, just to keep the record straight here are a few more:
    1. Elections mean very little in Spain. If you don´t get a majority, there is no run-off or second turn as in most democratic countries. You just work out a “deal” based upon “special interests” Is this your concept of liberalism?
    2. The electorial process is based upon La Ley d´Hont and the results are curious. For example, Rosa Diaz, the defender of liberty in the Basque Country, who broke away from the Socialist Party for reasons of “values that defend the Nation of Spain”, recieved 600,000 votes and the Basque Nationalist Party (a very curious party indeed, that indirectly collaborates with terrorist objectives) far less. Diez alone entered in Parlament and the Basques got 6. So much for “one man one vote” as defended by the UN in Africa. Is this your concept of liberalism?
    3. The Spanish Parlament is a forum of Obama style oratory. There is very little spontaneous free-flow of ideas, time is fiercely controlled and the President of Gvt always (when he attends) has the upper hand and the last reply. In fact, during the first years of Mr Zapatero, the other major party of Mr Rajoy, was completely isolated by the Pact of Tinel, where the defacto leftist/nationalist National Front Govt agreed to not reply or collaborate in any way or form with the major opposition party.Is this your concept of liberalism?
    4. We must talk of major scandals; such as Marabella,Time Export, Felesa(the guy who ran this show, got out of jail and was named head of formation of the Socialists in Cataluña), the Nationalization of a major group of companies……RUMASA, based upon a special law for the occasion, Merceneries that assasinated and kidnapped innocent people…..mistakes of the trade……buried supposed terrorists in “cal vivo” without due process, manipulation of the Spanish Stock Market for the interests of Catalan Nationalism etc etc. Is this your concept of liberalism?
    Ask again, and I´ll be pleased to give you more illustrious examples. Liberalism BLAHHHHHHHHHHH!
    My dear friend, you certainly are an example of liberalism as you cry out in anguish, “……back your opinions with facts, numbers, scholarly studies etc. Hell man, what I say has nothing to do with your reply……its a question of yes or no baby!!!!!!! Defend yourself with manly honour instead of all of this womanly indignation. As my friend says, “Liberals (that naturally includes very special, inique spanish liberals. As Fraga said, “Spain is Different”) can never just make a principled argument. It always has to be Bambi against Hitler.”
    Most Respectfully, William V. Masterson

  • 8. William Vance Masterson  |  August 19, 2008 at 11:24 am

    It is very interesting to note the confirmation of Mr G that the term “Liberal” and “Left” are identical and can be used as one so desires or considers convenient. According to a poll realized by Gallup in 2007, Spain is the most anti-American of all European Nations and Mr Zapatero has used this to advantage politically. There are certainly many examples that could be detailed, but we can leave those for later. Now Mr G´s first comment was “liberal” and now he has closed the circle with “Left”. Camus, in his important work on the basic differences between revolt and rebellion would find this most interesting.
    Now I can Begin to agree with Mr G. Yes, “liberal” and “left” are the same in Spain and, interestingly enough, in the USA.
    For example, the MoveOnOrg of the Capitalist George Soros, which controls the Democratic Party is certainly very similar to the leftist approach of Mr Zapatero and his Socialist Workers Party. This can certainly be elaborated upon in great depth and I am certainly, if given the opportunity, willing to do so.
    Prior to closing, there is an example of “Leftism” or “Liberalism” or “State Control” as to Spain which demonstrates very clearly the essence of Mr G´s comments. The last report of the World Bank on DOING BUSINESS 2008, puts Spain in the position number 38 as to the classification of Nations where it is easier to do business. The USA is in 3rd position after Singapor and NewZealand. Prior to the position 38 of Spain are Countries; such as, Tailand, Georgia (not particularly amusing to the Russians), Lapland, Saudi Arabia,the Fiji Islands etc. In Spain one needs, on the average 47 days of administrative effort to start a business. In the USA, 6 days.
    In conclusion, I become more and more worried, the more I hear of comparisons between Mr Zapatero and Mr Obama.

  • 9. James  |  August 21, 2008 at 1:58 am

    CGL’s argument is amusing. His pose is to take the intellectual high ground, admonishing Mr. Masterson to “back your opinions with facts, numbers, scholarly studies, etc.” But he arrives at some pretty sweeping conclusions himself: “Spaniards are for the most part more liberal than Americans, more open minded and have much more progressive ideas.” Where are the scholarly studies to back this statement and its implicit assumptions?
    Particularly striking is the assumed link of liberalism with open-mindedness and progress. My experience has certainly not been so simple. Some of the most “liberal” people are among the most prejudiced, hate-filled people I’ve ever met–even as they love to point out the hatred in others. Perhaps I should say not that they hate, but that they DESPISE so many groups: religious believers, Southerners, people who hunt, conservatives, Republicans…. Liberals of this sort consider themselves intellectually superior, just as CGL arrives at ludicrous generalities yet somehow seems to imagine that he is delivering a closely reasoned argument.
    Hey CGL, if you want to take on Mr. Masterson’s arguments, then please refute his arguments. He has given particulars. Address those. Convince me. Don’t waste my time with the posturing of superiority.

  • 10. NEil Clements  |  November 30, 2008 at 3:50 am

    Mr Levy

    If you read this please contact me asap!

    Neil Clements


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