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September 10, 2008 at 7:22 am 7 comments


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El lapsus de Obama… El cerdo de Obama (y el pintalabios)

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  • 1. Steven  |  September 10, 2008 at 3:51 pm

    My Spanish isn’t good enough to know whether this whole site is a joke or not. I assume it IS, right?

    It’s meant ironically, right? If it is, it’s pretty damn funny!

  • 2. James Levy  |  September 10, 2008 at 5:03 pm

    Steven, It´s for real…and we invite you to enjoy the fun at our victory party on November 4th. The American people are realizing that change for the better will come from proven reformers McCain/Palen, not from a crypto-Socialist who has never who is a slave to the far left ideology of Moveon.org..Come join us, it´s not too late to go with the winning ticket!

  • 3. Troy  |  September 11, 2008 at 9:30 am

    Let me get this straight…The American public should vote for this man because he is in fact the “real” candidate for change? If I’m not mistaken, his party is already in office. Why then should they vote for someone from the same party if indeed change is what they are looking for?

    Unless of course if you want to admit that your party has been moving in the disastrously wrong direction for the past 8 years. Then I suppose “real” change would be in order.

    Unfortunately though, I think that we all know that it doesn’t really matter who is eventually elected. In terms of foreign policy, the American government has been remarkably coherent in its abuse and until there is profound change, the word has little meaning.

    If moveon.org is far left, where does that leave me? crypto-communist?

  • 4. Adriana dR  |  September 11, 2008 at 12:12 pm

    As an independent voter and fervent McCain supporter, I am concerned with the above comments.

    If you knew enough about John McCain and his experience in Congress you would have a real idea about the meaning of change.
    However, clearly you have let yourself be convinced by empty and over-simplistic speeches full of jazz and movie star appeal. Let’s be very basic and simple in our analyses; Hmm, since McCain is a Republican, and we don’t like the current Republicans in office, let’s not vote for him ! Let’s not look at the facts or the history of McCain as a senator who has gone against the mainstream opinion of his party to help pass laws that are now in place in our country.

    Have you heard of the McCain-Feingold Law of 2002?
    Have you heard of the McCain-Kennedy Reform of 2007?
    etc. etc.

    How many solid and well-known laws/initiatives has Obama presented alongside Republicans during his short political career?

    And must I remind people that Bush went to war in 2001 WITH THE APPROVAL of his Congress, and that included votes from Democrats like Clinton or Kerry. Even though Obama voted against the war, if elected President he would still have to debate and find consensus to adequately finish a job we already begun.

    He is NOT the man to do that. He keeps changing his mind (only to arrive at the same proposals McCain has had from the beginning) and does not have the experience to be commander in chief!

  • 5. Troy  |  September 11, 2008 at 4:42 pm

    I think that I wasn’t clear enough in my earlier post, let me clarify. As a non-American, domestic policy in the U.S is not really my business. It is up to the American people to decide whether they want things like socialized medicine, decent public schools, safety nets for the unemployed, first world environmental standards, clean drinking water etc or would this kind of change somehow be crypto-Socialist (I believe was used earlier). Doesn’t matter, neither candidate would dare offer even one.

    If you seriously believe that moves like the McCain-Feingold Law will address the serious flaws in the American electoral system by banning federal officeholders from soliciting soft money contributions for their parties to spend on their campaigns, well I’m not sure what to say. Do you really think that it will reduce the influence of money in American politics, which has always been great, but is now greater than ever?

    Is this the work of a “maverick” that is going to change things? Do you really think that this candidate truly represents your views and that you chose him or that he has foisted upon you?

    Do you really think that McCain-Kennedy Reform of 2007 is a somehow bettering of the Immigration situation that exists in America? Perhaps you have some shares in the companies that the border control and wall building will be outsourced to? Rosa Rosales, LULAC National President states, “If enacted, the temporary worker provision alone would create a new underclass of easily exploited workers who would be forbidden from realizing the American Dream. This bill will dehumanize workers, short-change employers and lead to wide-spread undocumented immigration as many workers inevitably overstay their visas rather than return home.”

    Does the fact that he has hosted a few bi-partisan bills mean that he is completely dissimilar to the Bush-Cheney gang? Somehow the Republican that isn’t Republican?

    I am just using the examples that you gave in my questioning the bandied about word “change”, but again these are domestic issues and as I mentioned, for the American people to decide, if there indeed is actually a difference there.

    My understanding of this webpage is that it is a way of bringing John McCain to the Spanish people, while reaching the American citizens that also live here. With that in mind, foreign policy issues are those that concern me, as those of us who live outside her borders are all somehow effected by American foreign policy, here lies my interest.

    A country arrogating to itself and its friends the right to invade and occupy other countries, untroubled by international law or institutions, worries me. Candidates who do not openly campaign against the doctrine of pre-emptive wars, worry me. Nationalists, who insist on U.S. “exceptionalism” to the established rules, worry me. People who campaign against science and think that creationism should be taught in schools, worry me. People who accept the support and endorsements of nutcases like Rod Parsley and John Hagee, worry me.

    But that would be harping on senator McCain alone. The point I was originally trying to make is that neither candidate will bring about the change that is needed to ,some would say restore, others would argue give birth to, an America that the rest of the world admires and no longer fears.

    In terms of foreign policy, both candidates are in effect slaves to a bellicose and violent system of power that has been inherent since the creation of the Monroe doctrine. Neither candidate is going to stop the CIA from attacking the democratically elected governments of Venezuela and Bolivia. Neither candidate is going to stop the unconditional support America gives to Israel. Neither candidate is going to admit to the illegal war in Laos and help clean up all of those little bombies that claim legs and lives every day. Neither candidate is going to stop supporting Mubarak and thus end the Egyptians’ 25+ year state of emergency. Neither candidate is going to say no to the Saudis and thus pave way to real change in the region.

    For those of us living outside, perhaps some have been convinced by the “empty and over-simplistic speeches full of jazz and movie star appeal” of Obama’s that you mention. Perhaps some even still believe that the Americans are indeed the guys that wear the white cowboy hats and represent “good” in this world and hope that this movie star will right the wrongs of the current regime. Here is where I agree with you, they are wrong and being fooled.

    I for one believe that neither represents change and are simply the interchangeable faces that represent a violent power structure that will stop at nothing to remain in power.

    A last question to Adriana. When speaking of the illegal war in Iraq, you talk about adequately finishing a job you had already begun.(pronouns were yours) I’m curious, what “job” do you see you country doing there?

  • 6. James Levy  |  September 12, 2008 at 5:31 am

    What ¨Job¨ is my country doing in Iraq?

    1) removing a dictator who killed hundreds of thousands of his own people to maintain his iron grip on the counry (mass grave finds)

    2) establishing the ONLY democracy in the Arab world, a stable new Iraq which is not a threat to its neighbors, and is a model of hope for all who believe that democracy is a fundamental human right .

    3) finally, we are finishing this ¨job¨, starting to bring home our soldiers in victory. Thanks to the courage of President Bush, the Democrats have not succeeded in forcing an early withdrawl which would have given resulted in not only a terrible defeat for the US and a huge victory for the terrorists, but also genocide within Iraq as the much feared ¨civil war¨ broke out upon US withdrawl.

    Thanks to the courage of our volunteer soldiers and the leadership of President Bush, it is a job well done!

  • 7. Troy  |  September 12, 2008 at 9:02 am

    Thanks for that answer James, it speaks volumes really. I see that your “evidence” of noble democratic reasons for laying to waste an ancient civilisation comes from sources similar to the ones that gave us the now infamous WMD’s. I’m sure Yemen would take exception to your statement that Iraq will be (I say will for could you possibly call it one now??) the only functioning democracy in the Arab world?

    However, if this reasoning is enough to justify the illegal invasion of sovereign nations, when exactly will your volunteer troops be visiting American allies; Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Egypt and Bahrain?

    Award winning journalist, John Pilger writes yesterday in the New Statesman about your establishing of a democracy in Iraq:

    “As for the notion of a “united, stable and free” Iraq, consider the no-bid contracts handed to the major western oil companies for ownership of Iraq’s oil. “Theft” is a more truthful word. Written by the companies themselves and US officials, the contracts have been signed off by Bush and Nouri al-Maliki, “prime minister” of Iraq’s “democratic” government that resides in an air-conditioned American fortress. This is not news.

    Try to laugh, please, while you consider the devastation of Iraq’s health, once the best in the Middle East (remember a statement like this is not supporting Saddam, simply fact), by the ubiquitous dust from British and US depleted uranium weapons. A World Health Organisation study reporting a cancer epidemic has been suppressed, says its principal author. This has been reported in Britain only in the Glasgow Sunday Herald and the Morning Star. According to a study last year by Basra University Medical College, almost half of all deaths in the contaminated southern provinces were caused by cancer.” Apparently freedom and cancer are on the march.

    You truly believe your government and your party are bringing freedom to the world, but did they take the time to ask anyone if they wanted your version of this? You mention that by pulling out it would be a victory for the “terrorists”, by this do you mean the people who are fighting an occupying power or the hundreds of thousands of disaffected people from around the world who have come to Iraq SINCE your bungled invasion to fight and cause terror? That’s right, no terrorists before the invasion.

    Then we can deal with Hussein the genocidaire, which no one doubts that he was. Let’s remember that Hussein’s large-scale atrocities took place during the 1980s. What your government’s and its complicit media’s rhetoric do not reflect is that, until 1991, Saddam Hussein was allowed to commit his atrocities with the full knowledge and support of the U.S. government which at the time was under Republican thumb I believe. The specifics of the al-Anfal Campaign were no mystery to the Reagan administration, even to the point of making themselves complicit in crimes against humanity. His most horrific acts, including the al-Anfal genocide, were committed in full view of your government, at times even with weapons provided by them–this is the government that you present to the world as a shining beacon of human rights? Will your march for freedom and justice include a stop at your very own White House, or the homes of its previous occupants?

    As I mentioned before, what is needed is change, but not the superficial kind that interchanges the faces fronting a violent regime. What is needed is not the courage your speak of, sending innocent Americans to die in an illegal war for profit, but the courage to face these crimes and dismantle the systems of power that have allowed them to happen. Thus hopefully a true beacon of democracy will be born, one free of hypocrisy and violence, this would truly be the work of a maverick.


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